The CupManager Rules


Cup Manager represents a tool that makes it possible for you to organize friendly tournaments, dedicated exclusively to the virtual football manager game Hattrick. It is very important that this tool is and it will remain FREE.

All the information concerning team data and match details, are taken from the Hattrick servers.


To be able to get registered, you need to have an account on the Hattrick website. Once you have an account on Hattrick, you can register on CupManager by accessing the Sign Up page.

Caution! CupManager will not allow you to use the data of another Hattrick user.

To register on CupManager, please use a different password from the one used on the Hattrick website. To be authenticated on this website, the authentication data you use on Hattrick is needed. This is required in order not to permit the registration of a user using the data of another user. According to the Hattrick rules you are not allowed to store the password in any way.

Create a new tournament

Everybody is free to create as many tournaments as they want, as long as they do not abuse. Please do not create tournaments only for the sake of having a tournament if you do not have the time to administrate it. Doing this will overload the website and other users who will register to the tournaments you created.

Using obscene names in the name or description of the tournament is completely forbidden. It is also forbidden to link to sites that are part of the following categories: cigarettes, sex, politics, racism.

Register to a tournament

To be able to play in a tournament you need to register to it. Once you have accessed your option you are automatically placed on the waiting list of the chosen tournament. You actually can play in the tournament only after the administrator of the tournament accepts you and you find yourself on the list of accepted teams. It is the right of the administrators to accept you in their tournament or not.

Caution! If you have been accepted in a tournament you cannot apply for other tournaments. In order to be able to apply for a tournament you may not be registered to another tournament.

You can register to several tournaments at the same time as long as you are not yet registered to other tournaments. Once accepted in a tournament you are deleted from the waiting lists of the other tournaments you registered to.

Leave a tournament

You can leave the tournament just the way you registered as long as it has not started yet. If you want to leave the tournament after the tournament has started, you need to send a message to the administrator, asking for permission.

Please do not send e-mails asking us to put you out of a tournament. Please analyze in advance whether the administrator of the tournament is serious or not. However, if an administrator does not authenticate himself in a period of 2 weeks, all the details regarding the tournament will be deleted.

Generate matches

This option enables the tournament to get started and will automatically generate matches. Before starting the tournament, please verify the playing system to be the one you chose, the start date to be correct, the number of the participant teams to be correct. Once the tournament gets started, the only details you can change are the name of the tournament, the description and the logo.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Replace a team

You use this option whenever you want to replace a team. A team may be replaced with: a team from the waiting list, a team that is not part of the tournament, a robot.

When a team leaves the tournament, the team cannot be part of the tournament anymore.

If a team is replaced with a robot, the matches of the team will be considered lost and automatically the result will be put on the score of 3-0.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Update the results

This option automatically checks the results that are registered on the Hattrick website. Please do not abuse.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Manual update of results

If a match has not been played, the administrator of the tournament is allowed to add a result manually accessing this option.

Once introduced, the result can not be changed anymore. So, use this option carefully. Do not send us e-mails asking us to change a result.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Change tournament details

Choose this option whenever you want to change the details of the tournament. Once the tournament has started, some details cannot be changed anymore.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Delete a tournament

This option erases all the details of the tournament.

Caution! This operation is irreversible.

This option is available only for the tournament administrators.

Automatically deleting a tournament

All the tournaments that do not start at the date the administrator selected will be automatically deleted and all the information regarding them will be lost.

All the tournaments started and abandoned will also be deleted.

That is why we ask all the administrators to be careful with the start date of the tournament.

Giving points

Every time a match is verified, if the match has been played according to the program, each user receives some points. The formula to claculate the points is:

nPoints = (nLooserPoints/nWinnerPoints)*10

where nPoints represents the number of points given to the winner, or, the penalty for the loser. In the future this formula will be modified.

When registering, each user starts with 1500 points. No points are given for matches that have not been played. These points are used to calculate rank.

Giving trophies

Trophies are given only at the end of the tournament and only if at least 65% of the matches has been played. The trophies can be seen in the trophy gallery of each user.

Calculating rank

Rank is calclulated weekly, each Monday. The tournament administrators have to update the results according to the program so that all the matches are considered.

It is the responsibility of the tournament administrators to update the results so that you can see yours in the rank.