Q: What is CupManager?

CupManager is a CHPP approved application designed to help you to organise friendly tournaments together with your friends. It will help you keep all your friends and all the information together in one place.

Q: Do I have to pay to join CupManager?

No. You can join CupManager for free.


Q: Why can't I create more than one tournament per day?

This is a protection against those unserious users who are creating tournaments just for their fun.

Q: I finished on the first 3 places, but no trophy is shown in my trophy gallery. Why?

In order for a trophy to be earned at least 65% of the matches have to be played for real in Hattrick. Otherwise, no trophy will be rewarded.

Q: Why can't I leave a tournament I joined?

You can leave a tournament as long as your application is not accepted. In case your application has been accepted you can ask the tournament administrator to reject your application or to replace your team with one from the waiting list.


Q: My match doesn't appear on the Hattrick website. Why is that?

Matches do not automatically appear on Hattrick. You have to challenge your opponent manually in Hattrick. At this moment there is no interface on Hattrick's website to do this automatically.

Q: I played my match but the result is not updated on CupManager. What happened?

The results are not automatically updated by the system. This is tournament administrator's responsibility to update the results.

Q: How/Where do I schedule/play the matches?

Once you know your opponent you have to log in on Hattrick and challenge them. Matches will be played on Hattrick.


Q: Will my players get trained?

Yes, your players will get trained.